Topics in Plastic Surgery

Given the wide ranging nature of the written material one must read in medical school, a strong foundation in general surgical techniques and concepts is an essential requirement to become a competent cosmetic surgeon. After completing the necessary training in medical school one should also be knowledgeable in topics such as anatomy, physiology, surgery and ethics. In this article we will briefly review a few topics that will be important to a medical student, before moving onto more specific areas.

The first topic is general information on topics such as human anatomy. Topics on such issues as blood circulation, blood clotting, vein building and drainage, bowel placement, lymphatic drainage and endocrine system will help ensure that the patient receives optimal health care. Also, in terms of discussing the medical aspects of cosmetic surgery, topics such as post-operative care, cosmetic surgeries themselves and the post-surgical recovery process will be discussed.

Next, it is very important to discuss with your patients, what the risks associated with certain surgeries are. Some patients may have a pre-existing medical condition which they do not wish to undergo surgery for, or they may have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that are used in the cosmetic surgery procedures. There may also be certain physical abnormalities that may present themselves prior to any surgical intervention. These problems may be difficult to treat and may pose a risk to the patient undergoing surgery.

It is also important to discuss the complications associated with various surgeries and the risks that may be associated with them. These complications may include infections, blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

Finally, discussing the post-surgical procedures will be extremely important and is very much similar to discussing the risks associated with a surgical procedure. The post-operative recovery period can be quite difficult and may also involve additional medical treatments or surgeries, and this should be discussed with your surgeon and your family at length before undergoing such. Procedures such as liposuction may have an increased risk of scarring or bleeding, as the skin may be cut too deeply and may not return to its original state. Also, certain surgical interventions can cause swelling and bleeding, and therefore it is always important to discuss this with your surgeon at length before surgery.

These are only a few topics in medical school, and by no means is this a comprehensive list. However, by reading at least the bare essentials of these topics you will gain a basic knowledge of general topics that are commonly covered in medical school, and which are required for anyone who wishes to be a cosmetic surgeon. This knowledge in turn will make the task of looking after your patients more comfortable and easier.

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