How to Create a Winning Podcast

Start to podcast and as an Internet marketer you will find this venue a new way to relate to your audience and give them consistent value. The term podcasting is very similar to the word broadcasting because essentially that’s what you’re doing, the only difference is that you’re doing it online. You can give your podcast listeners a lot of good quality content in a variety of ways. The purpose of the following article is to give you a clear idea as to what you can do to make your podcast better than the best …

Make the Podcast Brief:

One thing to think about is the length of the podcast, because that can affect its overall quality. That’s right – unless and until you have something really amazing to tell your listeners, you should restrict your podcast’s length to not more than fifteen minutes. So you don’t bore your listeners and you keep them interested, its important to keep the podcasts short and to the point. This will keep you from babbling on and on about the topic and gets you to the point more quickly. If you are supremely confident of the content and think you have much to offer, you could stretch the podcast to say 30 minutes. However your ultimate goal should be to keep it short and simple.

Let Your Guest Talk:

If you’re conducting an interview, which is something pretty common when podcasting then make sure that you let your guest do most of the talking. If someone is listening to your podcast because of the interview, then they will enjoy it so much more if they get a chance to hear what your guest has to say in response to your interview. Strive to make the questions short and snappy without making them closed ended. No matter what the topic of the interview, allow your guest to give the “value” of the topic and your listeners will be happy with your podcast. Having your guest interview is a value you are trying to give during your podcast, so while you may have the urge to give your own input or talk in between, make sure that it doesn’t detract from the value offered.

Stuff it With Quality:

You don’t want to leave empty space that doesn’t offer value, so if you have good content, try to fill as much space with that content as you can. Your listeners minds will be moving faster than your mouth, so they will be fast at listening to and analyzing your content. You need to do what it takes so that you move as quickly as possible in your podcast while offering content of quality and value. Check out how Avi Weisfogel adds a unique blend of personality and new content to the dental industry. In this podcast he talks about controlled substances and the downside of prescribing them in your practice. This particular factor can get tricky when you’re keeping your podcast short, which is exactly why you should never beat around the bush but reach to the core, and keep everything to the point. By including these tips in your podcast, you will see an immediate difference in your listeners response which is something you can build on as time goes by.