Should I trust my cheating boyfriend?

Honesty is really important in many aspects in life that is why once it broke you can never bring it back just like it used to be. Relationship will become 99 percent success when both of you are loyal to each other. Most break up cases is all because of cheating. Many of us take that for granted,there are just people who are not contented enough to be a one man person. Some also continued the relationship and martyrs enough to be with the person even of how many times they cheat.

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In my part I could not take that kind of abuse. it is traumatic and long story in the end. You have to deal with certain people and many judgements. It’s not easy to be with a cheating boyfriend and I mean it. i was once with a man whom I love so much but we end up because I realized I could not handle the things she done to me. Well I can always forgive but in simple wrongs. Cheating in a relationship is considered as a mortal sin. I always belived that once you taste another dish you will always look for it. Even if you still accept your man in your life,it is still different. Everything would never be the same and that is for real. Every move he does being not around you would be suspicious. it became you paranoid and fear a lot. a cheating boyfriend should never be given a chance because she does that happy without thinking of you. Besides it won’t be a happy journey when you found out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

I’ve been in that situation many years has passed and that’s when I proved that once the glass is broken it could never be fixed. Girls,consider yourself as this glass that was handle by your man and when he chose to cheat, he also chose to let go of his hand on you. That would be so harsh at all. when I let my man enter my life again after I found out, it feels so different. I could not trust him at all. what ever he says does not matter anymore and the fear I had on him was there. I was never been happy for keeping him. I knew that I was wrong for still accepting him that is why I let go of him and set him free. I want him to find the woman that he will never cheat and will hold forever.

At that time also I set myself from anger, doubt and free. I became so happy as the days passed. I will never settle down for a cheating boyfriend and I mean it. I know that I deserved a man who would never do such things no matter how tempted he is.

Being in a relationship is not easy