Facelift Treatment in Michigan – Things You Should Know Before You Go Under the Knife

While many people are concerned about the dangers of surgical procedures, facial cosmetic surgery in Michigan is not only a safe but also highly effective way to correct a problem or simply make a person look better. As a matter of fact, the most common type of procedure that the cosmetic surgeon performs is called Botox treatment, which has already gained widespread popularity. Some patients are under the impression that Botox will remove their wrinkles but this misconception is not true.

Botox treatment does not simply reduce the size of wrinkles, but it actually eliminates the symptoms of aging. By inhibiting the release of acetylcholine, which is responsible for facial muscles’ contraction, the patient will see a significant decrease in facial expressions and frown lines.

Facial Plastic surgeons in Michigan are well-versed with the procedures of this procedure and they are capable of delivering results that are not only effective but also beautiful. They are known to deliver results with as little as 10 treatments while some patients need up to four or more treatments before they get results that are satisfactory. However, even with multiple treatments, most patients will find that their wrinkles become noticeably less visible after the treatment is over.

Facelift in Michigan is usually performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who can provide both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. During the surgery, the patient will be placed under general anesthesia and then the doctor will use an electrocauterized device to numb the area surrounding the eyes. This helps to minimize any discomfort experienced by the patient and makes the surgery process easier.

The first thing that the cosmetic surgeon will do is to prepare the area that he will be performing the facelift on. This means that the doctor will have to take away any excess skin and place gauze on the affected areas. Then the patient will be injected with the botulinum toxin, which causes a contraction in the facial muscle fibers.

While there are risks associated with any cosmetic surgery, the risks involved with a facial plastic surgery in Michigan are not as serious as they would be in the case of cosmetic surgery in other parts of the country. In fact, some patients may not experience any side effects at all. The only major risk is that the surgeon may have to repeat the procedure if there is not any improvement in the initial results.

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