Should I trust my cheating boyfriend?

Honesty is really important in many aspects in life that is why once it broke you can never bring it back just like it used to be. Relationship will become 99 percent success when both of you are loyal to each other. Most break up cases is all because of cheating. Many of us take that for granted,there are just people who are not contented enough to be a one man person. Some also continued the relationship and martyrs enough to be with the person even of how many times they cheat.

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In my part I could not take that kind of abuse. it is traumatic and long story in the end. You have to deal with certain people and many judgements. It’s not easy to be with a cheating boyfriend and I mean it. i was once with a man whom I love so much but we end up because I realized I could not handle the things she done to me. Well I can always forgive but in simple wrongs. Cheating in a relationship is considered as a mortal sin. I always belived that once you taste another dish you will always look for it. Even if you still accept your man in your life,it is still different. Everything would never be the same and that is for real. Every move he does being not around you would be suspicious. it became you paranoid and fear a lot. a cheating boyfriend should never be given a chance because she does that happy without thinking of you. Besides it won’t be a happy journey when you found out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

I’ve been in that situation many years has passed and that’s when I proved that once the glass is broken it could never be fixed. Girls,consider yourself as this glass that was handle by your man and when he chose to cheat, he also chose to let go of his hand on you. That would be so harsh at all. when I let my man enter my life again after I found out, it feels so different. I could not trust him at all. what ever he says does not matter anymore and the fear I had on him was there. I was never been happy for keeping him. I knew that I was wrong for still accepting him that is why I let go of him and set him free. I want him to find the woman that he will never cheat and will hold forever.

At that time also I set myself from anger, doubt and free. I became so happy as the days passed. I will never settle down for a cheating boyfriend and I mean it. I know that I deserved a man who would never do such things no matter how tempted he is.

Being in a relationship is not easy

A Shoulder To Cry On: Relationship

I am really lucky to have a partner that will always there to understand and support me always. someone that will never leave me hanging and always there to make me happy. The good thing about in a relationship is you always have that someone to listen up to you on everything that you feel. You can always free to have a deep talk with someone that will never judge you. I always find myself crying with my partner. for me he is the only person that I can trust the most in my problems in life. I knew that he won’t never tell it to others.

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Having a good listener partner is an advantage in a relationship specially if you are that kind of emotional. I always felt lucky to have someone that will be there for me all the time. His existence really means a lot to me specially during those times that I was so lost. When my parents died I never knew what to do anymore but thanks to my boyfriend because he has a big help in my moving on.

he knows how much devastated I am during that  tragic times of my life. this man contributed so much in my life that is why I am glad that he is the man I have. Being in a relationship is always a great support because that is where you get your strength. that is the reason why you feel good about yourself. everytime i feel bad I knew that I always run into my boyfriend. he is always one call away. he is always there to comfort me whenever I feel bad about everything. she slowly wipe the tears that runs through my eyes. I am so glad that I found a person that is willing to make me happy every time.

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Being in a relationship is my strength in life and I could never hide it. the effect that it brought to my life was enormous. I could not thanked enough my boyfriend for being with me. I always knew that this person has always have my back. I am so glad that I found a perfect woman that will love me truthfully. this person has a lot of good things that really made me fall in love with him harder. spending a quality time with my boyfriend helps me to slowly moved on from the past. those time that I cried so hard and the only person that was there was my boyfriend. Not all of us has that one person who would not get tired of understanding our drammas in life..for me when you found a person that is a good listener keep them. they are the ones that you need specially when you are going a hard time in your life.

Cheating in Relationships – Knowing the Signs of a Cheating Partner

It’s a tough thing to have to deal with a cheating girlfriend. It is one of the most horrifying things that a man could get his life. It is a compassionate thing to talk about getting cheated on, especially the first couple of days that he might discover it happened. But blaming the cheating partner a hundred percent is also not fair. Blame can only make it worse, and there are many better things to handle than putting all of the liability towards a lady when all she did was follow her nature. There are always going to be signs of a cheating partner all around. It is a choice for many to look past it and then get broken-hearted at the end of the day.

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One of the things that can prevent a man from figuring out that she is a cheating person is a too much passion and love. Love can make a man do all sorts of things. It is one of the ways to lose a person around. It can be a complicated thing to have to learn how to deal with it. But whenever there is too much love that a man has towards a lady. It opens up many bad things that could happen to him at the end of the day. The start could be having a level of mind and be realistic about the situation. Once it happens, it’s always easy to spot a cheating partner. She may start to act very secretive or slightly aware of the things that she is doing.

A cheating person will always spend a lot of energy trying to hide what she is doing. It is still easy to test her in attempting to use her phone. People try to do everything nowadays with phones and if there are a lot of lock folders or she does not even want to let his boyfriend use it. That is going to be a huge problem. She may say that he needs to respect her privacy or do not want to do it at all. She may walk up in the middle of the night and go to a room where there is no one. That did when she may call or do something to the other guy. It often happens in the comfort room when she texts or calls the other person. Whenever a girl goes out too much and does not even want to tell where she has gone in the first place, then it’s just a strong indication of the things to come in the future. A cheating woman is not worth it. The problem is that not all people have an easy time letting go of a woman even when she is just cheating on him all along. Not all of the time, a person can handle the truth. It’s just easier to live in a lie sometimes.

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Renowned Black actors/actresses in Hollywood

We all know how actors and actresses have been part of our life. They’re movies and series give us joy, and we look up into them as we grow. They are the voices of some who are afraid to speak out. Some of them stand for small people out there and lend a hand to those who seek helps. We all know how these people have a massive connection to higher individuals and how their influence can help everyone.

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But do you know that these actors and actresses also had done something we don’t know? Besides being helpful and voice, they also had a significant contribution to their industry. I think it’s time for us to learn and celebrates their essential milestone in life too.

Below are lists of different actors or actresses who made history in the industry.

Hattie McDaniel

Born on June 10, 1895 – October 26, 1952, Daniel made it to Oscar and wins for best-supporting actress in her role in 1940 movie Mammy in Gone with the Wind. Also, she was the first African American woman who received an award.

Ethel Waters

Born on October 31, 1896 – September 1, 1977, the first black actress to be nominated in Emmy for her guest appearance on the “Goodnight Sweet Blues” episode of Route 66.

Josephine Baker

Born on June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975, in 1934, Josephine was the first black woman that star in a major motion picture, Zouzou, but known for her refusal to perform for segregated audiences in America. She refused because she had work in the Civil Rights Movement, which I think is fair enough.

Dorothy Dandridge

Born on November 9, 1922-September 8, 1965, she was the first black American that was nominated for best actress for an Academy Award in her starring role in the 1954 film Carmen Jones. She was one of the world’s famous beauties, and she was featured as the first black woman on the cover of Life magazine.

Cicely Tyson

Born on December 19, 1933, known for the first black woman who received an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Television Movie for her performance in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (1974. In 2013, her role in the play “The Trip to Bountiful”;  was awarded as the oldest actress to win the Tony Award for Best Performance.

Diahann Carroll

Born on July 17, 1935, the actress got a spot as the first black woman who had starred in her TV series, Julia, in 1968. Besides, in 1969, she received an award Golden Globe, and in the next year, she was nominated in Emmy.

Trina Parks

December 26, 1947, the actress was the first black American who starred in the James Bond girl. She was a total performer during her time, singer, dancer, actress; she was one behind the choreography of Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, The Wiz.

These black actresses are just a few of more people known around the world of its contribution to the industry. 

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Recognize the problem.

Without knowing what the problem of a relationship is, it would be harder to fix it. The more details a couple has about the problem, the easier it can be to find solutions. Sometimes it is easy to get lost of all of the issues that a relationship is going, especially when a couple does not know what the problem is in the first place. There are many common problems that a couple always goes through, but depending on the passion and commitment that they have for each other, it can still be a difference in how it is going to be resolved. See

Men lacking communication

One of the common problems that a relationship goes through is a lack of communication, especially when it comes to men. Women need to know what he is continually thinking, and when it does not happen, there is a lot of misunderstanding tendencies that could get out of hand very quickly. Having the time to communicate what each other’s feelings and plans are can significantly ease the tension and removing all of the mysteries in what is going on in each other’s head is very healthy. There is no way that a relationship could survive in a world where a couple stops communicating with each other because of all of the frustrations that they have. Airing each other’s feelings is a healthy thing that can always be talked about at the end.

Lack of appreciation.

It might not seem like a big deal, but a lady who has not appreciated anymore or a guy can build up a lot of resentment. It might not happen overnight, but it is a problem that can cause a lot of tension and misery in a relationship. It is easy to be super sensitive about a lot of stuff and not know how to handle small problems anymore. Making it bigger seems to be the only option because there are many growing insecurities in the relationship caused by a lack of appreciation. Appreciating each other can play a good part in avoiding problems that did not have to happen. Just knowing that someone understands a person can bring a lot of comfort and love in a relationship that is impossible to happen without someone making an effort to make her feel happy and comfortable.

Managing finance

Financial stress is challenging to resolve and talk about. It is a sensitive topic that has a lot of stress. Whenever a couple goes through a financial burden for too long. Every small problem can get bigger. It is hard to love each other under financial pressure, and it generally falls into the guy to do something about it. Having a mutual understanding of how to be responsible when it comes to money is very important in a couple. There is a lot of resentment and hate that can come out of going under financial stress or lack of money. It is better to avoid it ahead of time rather than go through it from time to time. Read