A Shoulder To Cry On: Relationship

I am really lucky to have a partner that will always there to understand and support me always. someone that will never leave me hanging and always there to make me happy. The good thing about in a relationship is you always have that someone to listen up to you on everything that you feel. You can always free to have a deep talk with someone that will never judge you. I always find myself crying with my partner. for me he is the only person that I can trust the most in my problems in life. I knew that he won’t never tell it to others.

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Having a good listener partner is an advantage in a relationship specially if you are that kind of emotional. I always felt lucky to have someone that will be there for me all the time. His existence really means a lot to me specially during those times that I was so lost. When my parents died I never knew what to do anymore but thanks to my boyfriend because he has a big help in my moving on.

he knows how much devastated I am during that  tragic times of my life. this man contributed so much in my life that is why I am glad that he is the man I have. Being in a relationship is always a great support because that is where you get your strength. that is the reason why you feel good about yourself. everytime i feel bad I knew that I always run into my boyfriend. he is always one call away. he is always there to comfort me whenever I feel bad about everything. she slowly wipe the tears that runs through my eyes. I am so glad that I found a person that is willing to make me happy every time.

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Being in a relationship is my strength in life and I could never hide it. the effect that it brought to my life was enormous. I could not thanked enough my boyfriend for being with me. I always knew that this person has always have my back. I am so glad that I found a perfect woman that will love me truthfully. this person has a lot of good things that really made me fall in love with him harder. spending a quality time with my boyfriend helps me to slowly moved on from the past. those time that I cried so hard and the only person that was there was my boyfriend. Not all of us has that one person who would not get tired of understanding our drammas in life..for me when you found a person that is a good listener keep them. they are the ones that you need specially when you are going a hard time in your life.